Target Online Offers Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ Wave 2 Figures is now offering several of Hasbro’s Star Wars 40th Anniversary 6″ Wave 2 Figures for $19.99 each, this includes JAWA, Death Squad Commander, and C-3PO. If you need these, make sure to order right away before they’re gone!

If you miss this sale, make sure to check  Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore for sets and case assortments.

Previously, we reported that Hasbro is in the process of shipping wave 2 to retailers, and once that inventory is gone, they will not be offering anymore units. In addition, there is also a shortage of this product, and there won’t be enough to go around for everyone that wants it. This is why  you need to jump on listings such as the one that just put up if you are interested in purchasing these figures. We’ll continue to update on in-stock alerts as it happens.