Mattel Shop Lists Masters Of The Universe Classics Hover Robots 3-Pack Back In Stock


Mattel Shop have listed the 2015 traveling convention Masters Of The Universe Classics Hover Robot 3 Pack as back in stock. This set is one of the more popular army building items that Mattel released in recent years, and has seen several quick sell outs each time it has been listed on both Mattycollector, and now Mattel Shop. The 3 pack is priced at $35 each.

Skeletor® deploys these drones of destruction as part of his plan to crush the King… these robotic rogues descend from the skies to rain a payload of punishment on the people of Eternia®! Each 3-pack comes with three sets of hands, a sticker sheet, and three stands.

Hover Robots™ Bio

Real Name: N/A
During his campaign of terror against King Randor’sMasters of the Universe®, Skeletor often utilized Robotic Hover Drones to carry out his evil stratagems. Based on a design he pilfered from his dark arts teacher, Hordak, Skeletor’s drones were more agile than his mentor’s and carried a built in hover field to increase their mobility and durability. Hover Robots will effortlessly carry out any order—including self destruction! These techno-bots of terror carry a variety of weapons, including laser riffles, blade blasters and net lassos. Often on the front lines of battle, Hover Robots confront theMasters of the Universe® in endless combat.