Savage Dragon 4″ Figures Coming From Zica Toys


Zica Toys and Amazing Heroes will be offering three different variations of the Savage Dragon in 4″ scale. These figures are based on Eric Larsen’s Savage Dargon character and design. This upcoming line-up includes Savage Dragon in civilian clothing, Special Operations Strikeforce, and in his Police uniform.

Zica Toys will be offering a new Kickstarter at some point later this year in an attempt to fund these figures. Pricing and additional details are not yet revealed.

The character has had a successful ongoing comic book series since 1992, as well as an animated series for 2 seasons that began in 1995. As far as toys, there has not been too many offers for fans from companies which include McFarlane Toys, Toybiz, and Playmates Toys. The old figures can all be ordered on and

This is the first time that the character will be offered in 4″ (1:18) figure scale.