Playmates Toys Voltron The Legendary Defender Lion Die-Cast Figure Pre-Orders


During San Diego Comic-Con, EntertainmentEarth was the first retailer to offer the die cast wave of Playmates Toys Voltron: Legendary Defender figures. The lion’s are fully articulated, and can combine to form the mighty Voltron.

Pre-Orders for the Voltron Die Cast figures are now being offered on EntertainmentEarth for $104.99, with free domestic shipping. The listing has it expected to ship in September 2017. If you were not at SDCC or could not obtain these figures, make sure to order now. Free domestic shipping is available on this, or other items priced at $79 or more.

The Voltron The Legendary Defender Combinable Die-Cast Lion Action Figures feature highly detailed die-cast metal armor and plastic lions of all 5 Lions- Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green! Each lion is fully articulated and comes packaged in a window box. All lions can be combined to make the Metal Defender transformation that measures about 8-inches tall.

The Voltron Legendary Defender Die-Cast Lion Figure Case contains 5 individually packaged Lions:
1x Black
1x Red
1x Blue
1x Green
1x Yellow

Approximately 8 inches tall in combined mode.

These highly detailed die cast lions are fully articulated and made from high quality materials. All lions can be combined to make the Metal Defender transformation from the Voltron series. Shouldn’t your robots be armored in metal?