Mattel: Masters Of The Universe Giants Clearance Sale On eBay


Mattel’s eBay Storefront  is now offering the former Mattycollector exclusive Masters of the Universe Man-At-Arms Giant figures of Zodak and Beast Man for $35.99, and Stratos for just $23.99. These figures were originally $75 on Mattycollector, and are now being offered for over 50% off.

This isn’t the only deal right now from Mattel, as other Masters of the Universe items and more on being sold for below their MSRP. Their eBay Storefront is stocked right now with former Mattycollector exclusives from DC, Ghostbusters, and Watchmen, but also non-exclusives from Fisher-Price, Thomas The Train, WWE, Minecraft and more.

In addition, some of their former Mattycollector DC action figures are discounted to $13.99, such as Batzarro from the DC Infinite Earths line.

Take advantage of these discounts now.