Prime 1 Studio Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War III – Gabriel Angelos Statue Pre-Order


Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow Collectibles are accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War III – Gabriel Angelos Statue. The Gabriel Angelos statue is sculpted in his armor and wielding a massive hammer. The statues stand at more than 33″ tall and features an exclusive and regular edition. The exclusive version will include an alternate portraits. There will only be 850 pieces made between both versions.

There are also two versions, an exclusive and a standard version. The exclusive version is priced at $1,499.99 and includes an exclusive portrait. The regular edition is $50 less, and priced at $14.49.99.

You can pre-order the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War III – Gabriel Angelos Statue on Sideshow Collectibles

“I am no stranger to the deaths of planets. Cyrene was my home. But when the need was evident, I did not hesitate to contact the Inquisition. By my hand Cyrene burned. The innocents who died to ensure Cyrene’s secrets were sealed beneath ash still haunt me to this day. But I have no regret in this. The threats to mankind are eternal and ever-present, an ocean sinking for every draft in the dam. Cyrene’s secrets now live solely with me, and so shall they die with me. As I travel there now to face the monstrosity that was once our Chapter Master, I am confident by this much. Whether I am victorious or slain, my sins will know retribution. Such is the final testimony of Gabriel Angelos, Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company. Savior of Tartarus, bane of the Black Legion, servant of the Emperor.”
— Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company

Prime 1 Studio and Games Workshop are proud to present Premium Masterline Warhammer 40 000: Gabriel Angelos from Dawn of War III. Captain Angelos is widely considered to be the finest living example of his Chapter and one of the notable heroes in the Chapter’s whole history. He was born on Cyrene, one of the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds, which was destroyed by an Exterminatus ordered by Angelos himself for reasons undisclosed shortly before Dawn of War. Gabriel Angelos is a long-standing commander of the 3rd Company, renowned for his victory against the forces of Chaos during the Tartarus campaign and another solid defeat delivered to the Tau Empire in the Targa system between Dawn of War and Dawn of War II. He has a reputation of delivering success even when facing impossible odds.

Statue features:
– Size approximately 33 inches [(H)83cm (W)72.3cm (L)70.2cm]
– One (1) alternate exclusive portrait (In Exclusive version only)

Retail Price:
– Regular version: $1449 US
– Exclusive version: $1499 US

Edition Size:
– Regular version: 500
– Exclusive version: 350