Mattel: Justice League Movie Multiverse Batmobile Vehicle Pre-Orders


Mattel’s upcoming Justice League Movie Multiverse Batmobile Vehicle is now available to pre-order on Entertainment Earth for $69.99. The Batmobile is compatible with 6″ action figures from the DC Multiverse line (or at least it should be). The first and revision (stated as wave 2) waves can be pre-ordered HERE and HEREEntertainment Earth is set to ship the Batmobile out in November 2017.

Rush into action with this sleek and aggressive Justice League Movie Multiverse Batmobile. This Batmobile from the impressive Multiverse line will look impressive in anyone’s figure collection and is also great for acting out intense battle scenes. So speed in to the fight with this iconic Batmobile, which fits 6-inch action figures, and comes equipped with epic weapons!