Kokomo Toys eBay Storefront Lists Upcoming Star Wars The Last Jedi Products


Kokomo Toys eBay Storefront have just listed a few early releases of Hasbro’s Star Wars The Last Jedi product. Somehow, they have received  case assortments of the 6″ figures being offered on September 1st, and already listed these for sale on their store. The prices of these start at $24.75 and up. While we’ve already shown you some of these figures from Hasbro’s VIP event at San Diego Comic-Con as well as their booth, some of these figures might be new to you if you have not been cheating and going to alternative routes to get these reveals. If you want to know what’s coming, make sure to head on over to their eBay Storefront and take a look.

With just a few days until the official launch, most fans will already know what’s coming. Keep checking back and look for complete coverage beginning on September 1st.