Four Horsemen Studios: New Mythic Legions To Debut At Power-Con


The Four Horsemen sent along a press release announcing that their Adamonn and Keltuss figures (or figures that resemble He-Man and Skeletor) will be available in short supply at Power-Con before they are released months later and ship to those that pre-ordered these figures. These aren’t exclusives, and only advanced figures of what has been previously pre-sold.

Make sure to check out for the latest Mythic Legions deal by third-party sellers, and if you want to pick up Adamonn and Keltuss, you can be sure that there will be some listings on eBay, but for much more than the showroom prices. Unfortunately, we won’t be at Power-Con this year due to promises to Hasbro to attend HasCon during that same weekend (September 8th-10th). We are hoping to return to Power-Con next year.

Mythic Legions: Coliseum figures Adamonn & Keltuss will be making their debut next weekend at the 2017 Power-Con – September 9th & 10th in Los Angeles, CA!

The Four Horsemen will be in attendance to greet and hang out with fans, and both of these figures will be on-hand and ready to purchase months before the recent pre-order purchases arrive. Sales of these two figures will be strictly cash only, and there will be only 75 of each for sale on Saturday, and another 75 of each for sale on Sunday. There will be a limit of one Adamonn and one Keltuss per person in the first hour of the showon each day. After the first hour there will be no limit on sales, so be sure to get there and get in line EARLY for these! If you were at the last Power-Con for the sale of the Mythic Legions: Unkann figure, then you are a witness that they were all completely sold out FAST!

Contrary to the previous announcement about this debut sale, because of the unforeseen expenses of having these figures produced and shipped in time for the Power-Con 2017 event, the price of these figures will now be $40.00 each. BUT if you buy both Adamonn and Keltuss together, you’ll get both for only $75.00 for the pair! No shipping charges. No waiting months to have the figure shipped to you. You’ll get to take these bad boys home and play with them immediately!

Power-Con 2017 – Mythic Power!!