Power-Con 2017 – Super 7 Masters Of The Universe Classics Reveals


At Power-Con this weekend, which was the same weekend as HasCon (September 8th-10th), Super 7 shown off some new Masters of the Universe figures in the Classics and retro line. While we were in Providence, Rhode Island, there were some great reveals going on thousands of miles away.

These images were provided by one of our professional contacts, and sent in yesterday while we were finishing up at HasCon. We’ll have more on that in a little bit, but here are the reveals at Power-Con.

While most of these have been shown before, what is newly revealed is Granita, the female rock warrior, and she will be offered in the Collectors Choice Series. Also shown was Filmation Man-E-Faces, and Retro figures of He-Ro and Elder.

The prototypes for Classics Fangor, Quakke, Hawke and Lodar. Plus Filmation Tri-Klops, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Hordak.