NJ Croce Red Sonja 5 1/2″ Bendable Figure Review


The She-Devil with a sword, is the greatest swordsman of the Hyborian age, more than a match for any man in combat. Red Sonja is based on the original Bronze Age of Marvel Comics, and a series by Frank Thorne. She made her first appearance in Conan the Barbarian #23 published in 1973.  Red Sonja is an ally of Conan, and also traveled to the future in Marvel Comics on two separate occasions when she possessed Mary Jane Watson and teamed up with Spider-Man in defeating Kulan Gath who had also traveled to the future in one of many attempts to take over modern day Earth.

Thank you to NJ Croce for sending along their Red Sonja 5 1/2″ Bendable Figure for review.

Availability: August 2017


Red Sonja is based on her classic comic appearance as seen in Marvel Comics, and is sculpted in her very revealing outfit, that is painted in silver and has a textured detail to it. Sculpted on her shoulders are a detailed guards that is connected to the bra, and has straps around her back. Connected to the shoulder guards, is a necklace with a red ruby. In addition, she has brown gloves with the right hand sculpted in an open position with fingers sculpted together, and the left hand open. There are straps around her thighs, with daggers sculpted to it, and brown boots. She also has gold bracelets around her elbows, with a ruby on the left one.

Her head sculpt is nicely detailed and is a good representation of the comic, with long red hair, red lipstick, and black eye shadow around the eyes. This is nicely done, and the paint applications are crisp and carefully applied. Included with Red Sonja is a shield, that is painted in silver a light shade of gold, a sword that has a brown and gold handle and a silver blade, an axe with a brown and silver handle, and a spear that is painted in brown and silver. The figure also has the appearance of having articulation, such as elbows and knees that look like they have hinge joints.

Overall, Red Sonja is an excellent bendable figure, with a great figure sculpt and accessories.


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