HasCon 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Deadpool Figure Continues To Surge On eBay


It’s just incredible on what some people will pay for for a $20 figure that was exclusively available at HasCon 2017. As of now, Deadpool has skyrocketed on eBay once again for anywhere between $65 – $115. This is course no surprise, as Hasbro exclusives of any show have the most secondary market value out of any other company. We’ve also reported how much of a climb that Captain Rex has been going for,  and this figure is going higher than Deadpool. If you need either figure, now is the time to get them.

Marvel Legends – Deadpool (X-Force) 

Product Description:
Limit 1 per household.
Item will be available to order on 9/20/17
So you need someone to do the dirty work? Great news: that’s his favorite kind of work.

Imagine Deadpool getting slash-happy with this 6-inch scale Deadpool figure, featuring a grey suitdesign inspired by the Marvel Uncanny X-Force comics (comic not available). Figure features multiple points of articulation, includes 10 accessories, and is inspired by a comic arc in which Deadpool takes down pretty much anyone that gets in his way…so, a comic arc in which Deadpool is himself.