McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Walgreens Exclusive 5″ Negan Figure Review


McFarlane Toys is offering an exclusive non-bloody Nega 5″ figure that is only available at Walgreens. This is the latest Walgreens exclusive figure and you should be seeing him in stores as early as October.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for providing their The Walking Dead Walgreens Exclusive 5″ Negan Figure for review. 

Availability: October 2017


Negan is based on the likeness of Actor Jeffery Dean Morgan and was created using 3D digital scans of the actor himself. Negan is sculpted in his black leather jacket with a silver zipper, red scarf, black jeans, black boots, a black left glove, and a brown belt. The paint applications on him are nicely done and the texture on the pants and boots doesn’t go unnoticed. Negan’s baseball bat, Lucille, is included and is non-bloody like the clothing. The sculpt is the same figure as the Negan/Glenn 2-pack box set, with the exception that this figure does not have the blood splatter. The bat is wrapped with barbed wire and the bat can only fit onto one of the two included black gloved hand sculpts. The articulation is what you would expect from the 5″ line, which is also more than the 7″ Color Tops figures. On the bottom of his feet are peg holes, so he can be displayed with a figure stand that is not included. What is missing on this release is the knife and pistol that was said to be included.

Overall, Negan is an excellent figures with great likenesses and detail. If you like the 5″ figure line, make sure you are doing your part and support this years offerings, as this tells McFarlane Toys and store buyers that there is still interest in this scale, and if it does well, McFarlane can offer more figures.