Jada Toys: Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Metals Die Cast Vehicle Review


Jada Toys is now offering fans a collection of Batmobile vehicles based on several films throughout the course of the franchises history, one of which is the 2015 Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile that is available in the 1:24 scale and 1:32 scale. Other Batmobile’s available in this scale is the 1989 Batmobile, The Dark Knight Batmobile, Justice League Batmobile, 1966 Batmobile, and 1995’s Batman Forever.

This Batmobile is based on the Batman: Arkham Knight video game from 2015, and has a design that gives it destructive/assault purposes as opposed to a faster car. This particular Batmobile is build like a tank, and looks like it can take a lot of damage compared to other Batmobile designs fans have seen over the years.

Thank you to Jada Toys for providing their Batman The Dark Knight Metals Die Cast Vehicle for review. 

Availability: 2017



Batman: Arkham Knight video game was released back in 2015 has Batman facing off against his deadliest foes such as The Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, and other villains. As we mentioned above, this particular design is build like a tank, and has a similar concept to the Batmobile as seen in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. This thing can take lot of damage, but despite all of the armor plating, it can only seat one passenger in the cockpit, which is located towards the front of the vehicle, where most other Batmobile designs can seat at least two passengers. Jada Toys is offering this in two scales, which includes the 1:24 scale and 1:32 scale.

The 1:24 scale features an opening cockpit that lifts open, which reveals a seat for one passenger, a steering wheel, and buttons. The entire sculpt is comprised of both die cast and plastic parts, which gives some weight to it. Most of it appears to be made of plastic, which includes the tires, sides, bottom, front and back of the vehicle. The cast cast parts are made of the top part of the sculpt, which includes the hood, upper sides and upper back. The drone cannot be removed, which is most unfortunate as that would have made a great feature. This part is made of plastic, as opposed to the die cast parts made around it on top. The detail on both the 1:32 and 1:24 has a great likeness to the game, and the sculpting is packed with incredible detail showcasing the unique design to it.

The 1:24 scale Batmobile includes a Batman figurine that is non-articulated, and is also made of plastic and die cast parts. The figurine has a good likeness to Batman as he was featured in the game. The batsuit is painted mostly in black and dark grey, and has a gold utility belt on his chest. The only part with plastic is the cape, and the weight of the die cast helps the figure stand without falling. The figure also cannot fit inside the Batmobile.

The 1:24 scale Batmobile measures 8-1/2″ long, and the 1:32 scale Batmobile measures 5″ long. The 1:32 Batmobile has the same design, with the exception of an opening cockpit. Both of the Batmobiles are mostly cast in black plastic, and there is some gold deco on the tires, drone on top, and the back of the vehicle. The headlights are painted in silver, with a clear plastic cover over it, and the engine around back is painted in a dark metallic grey.

Overall, this is a great Batmobile, and Jada Toys have done an incredible capturing the likeness. The craftsmanship on these is incredible and fans of the game and DC Comics will love these.


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