Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 12″ Yoda Figure $9.99 On Amazon has new listings for Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Yoda figure for $9.99. Yoda is listed for pre-order, and will be back in-stock on October 29th. Free shipping is available on orders of $25 or more.

Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master and stronger than most in his connection with the Force. Small in size but wise and powerful, he trained Jedi for over 800 years, playing integral roles in the Clone Wars, the instruction of Luke Skywalker, and unlocking the path to immortality. Kids can imagine creating their own Star Wars action with this 12-inch scale Yoda figure! This figure features movie-inspired design and comes with a character-inspired accessory for fun figure play. Expand and enhance any collection with figures, vehicles, and more from Star Wars! Additional products each sold separately. Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.