Hasbro Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Decepticon Overlord Figure Review


Hasbro’s Transformers Titans Return line continues to surpass expectations, and the Brand Team including John Warden, Ben Montano and the rest of the team are doing a remarkable job right now bringing back even the most obscure of characters from the 1980’s and offering them once again to fans. Titans Return is not only a hit with adults, but kids are loving these figures and is surely a good sign for the franchise. If only G.I. Joe had this type of treatment right now…

Overlord was originally introduced in 1991 as part of the Masterforce line-up based on the Japanese cartoon continuity. Overlord is the battlefield leader of the Decepticons during the Masterforce War, serving as the so-called “Ambassador of Destruction” under Devil Z. As the combined form of the two human Godmasters, Mega and Giga, Overlord comprises a tank and jet which can combine to form a robot mode, a heavily equipped advance base, or a larger jet capable of space flight.

Transformers Generations Titans Return Leader Class figures are large-scale figures featuring advanced conversion and incredible detail. Each comes with a Titan Master figure. The Titan Master figure becomes the head of the Leader Class figure and works with Deluxe Class, Voyager Class, and Leader Class Titans Return figures (each sold separately).

In Titans Return, the Autobots and Decepticons unite with Titan Masters, small bots that carry a power boost. Titan Masters are key to controlling an ancient race of warriors the size of cities: the Titans.

Overlord was provided to press as part of a thank you gift bag by Hasbro for attending their New York Comic-Con 2017 event.

Availability: October 2017


Overlord is a retool of the recently released Sky Shadow figure, and he is based off of his Transformers Generation 1 action figure. This new modern update to the vintage toy maintains that classic box shape, and is given upgraded articulation and sculpting to match today’s standards. Overlord includes Titan Master Dreadnaut figure, that becomes the head for him in robot mode, as well as the pilot for the tank and jet mode.

The robot mode has some great detail, especially in the chest area. The two chest plates open up and there are compartments inside, but there is nothing to put into them such as energon cubes. The articulation in this mode is what you would expect for those of you familiar with the Combiner Wars and Titans Return line, as well as modern Transformers figures. In this mode he can hold his blaster, as well the cockpit of the jet can be stored on his shoulder.



Overlord can become two vehicles by using the torso and arms, as well as the legs. The legs can transform into the tank, which includes the cannon. The turrent cannot rotate, and there are no wheels on the tank treads. There is however a cockpit for Dreadnaut, and he is capable of fitting inside. There are also pegs for him to stand on. The jet mode is longer, and also includes a cockpit for Dreadnaut to fit inside.



The battle station is similar to other Titans Return Leader Class figures. This includes several pegs for Dreadnaut to stand on, and the cockpit to the jet opens and comes a ledge for a Titan Master to stand on. Despite being a battle station, there are no visible cannons in this mode. However, this mode can be displayed next to Trypticon in his battle station mode for an enhanced play.

The decals on the figure are relatively cheap and some are misaligned, as well as some are trimmed so they wouldn’t constantly peel off during transformation. This could be easily avoided, by actually allowing the user to apply his or her own stickers, and making sure that they fit without having to cut them.

Overall, Overlord is a great figure, and even though he’s obscure, being able to own him in a modern update like this just shows that even a character that isn’t too well known can once again find a market. What is missing are some parts that the original figure had, including a utility crane, gun turrets and ramps. If he was a bigger scale, these might have worked out better. As he’s a Leader class figure, these parts wouldn’t work out so well given the smaller size. This is definitely a great figure, and G1 fans are truly in for a treat right now.


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