Eaglemoss Alien And Predator Collection – USCSS Nostromo Ship Review


In 1979, the Alien movie franchise was introduced to a new generation of science fiction fans and quickly became one of the most popular film franchises in history. This film introduced fans to Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, and a new Alien creature known as a Xenomorph.

Eaglemoss will be offering the U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo that was seen in the 1979 film, and the ship that first encountered the Alien egg that will later kill all but Ripley. This ship is part of their Alien and Predator collection, and includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and a magazine.

The U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo registation number 1809246(09), is an M-Class starfreighter registered to the Weyland-Yulani Corporation. A powerful tug, the Nostromo is capable of pulling millions of tons many miles across space while manned by only a small crew. It was returning to Earth when the crew abandoned their load to investigate a signal from a nearby planetoid. They returned with an alien lifeforms that grew to destroy all but one officer.

Thank you to Eaglemoss for providing their Alien And Predator USCSS Nostromo Ship for an advanced look and review. 

Availability: December 2017



The U.S.C.S.S. Nostromo ship measures 9″ in length, with the front part of it giving it the extra inch that has the small antenna and tiny pieces sticking out that are fragile to the touch. This ship is numbered and is limited to 3,000 pieces. The Nostromo is sculpted and painted just like it looked in the film, and features some great detail and almost realistic features. The ship is sculpted with very detailed lines and textures on the hull, which includes square and rectangular shapes. On the top part of the ship, there is a hexagon shape that looks to be the ships docking port. The ship is made of several large components put together, including the front, top, and sides that are all attached to the rectangular shape holding it together. The engines are massive, and this features a beige wash over the grey deco. It is also rougher to the touch, and the thrusters themselves have a bee hive design to them. There are a total of three large engines, with two smaller one’s on the bottom, and two smaller one’s on the top part of the ship. The deco on the left side of the ship also has a faded and warn look as if it’s been out in space for awhile. It is also worn on the top, and the shapes on on the hull are beginning to fade as part of this detailed look.

The ship is light weight, and is made of plastic parts.

Overall, the design is excellent and the detailed worn look is a nice touch. This model is a great representation as seen in the film, and the designers have truly made something special that fans will love.


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