S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Nappa Figure Review

S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Nappa Figure Review


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S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z Nappa Figure


The Saiyans have arrived! Nappa and Vegeta, as he first appeared in the series, have jointed Bandai Tamashaii Nations S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Z line. Nappa was first shown off to fans in 2012, and after years of of demand, Bandai finally went ahead and offered Nappa as part of this line. As far as Raditz, we’re hoping he isn’t too far behind. There are no updates regarding this character at this time.

Nappa is a member of Frieza’s army, and second of command to Vegeta. He was defeated at the hands of Goku, and because of his defeat, he was killed by Vegeta.

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Availability: October 2017


Nappa is a big, muscular and bulky figure and is based on his appearance as seen in the Dragonball Z series. Nappa is sculpted in his Saiyan armor that is painted in black, brown, and white trim on the edges, and some parts of the armor is articulated such as the shoulder pads, and all three pieces around his hips. His arms and legs show his giant muscles and are left bare and unprotected. Nappa is amazing given his likeness to the series, and not only does the sculpt look great, but all four of his head sculpts capture his likeness and give him almost endless amounts of display options with all of the interchangeable parts and articulation.



The articulation on him is very well done given the size and bulkiness of the figure. The only problem with the articulation are the arms, as they have a limited range of motion given the bulkiness of the chest and how the shoulders were designed. It’s difficult to move his arms in front of his chest due to its size, and the shoulder joints have a limited range of motion.

The knee joints or any other part of his sculpt do not have this problem, and he can fully pose and be displayed in countless different ways. The figure even has toe hinges, which is a nice touch. All four head sculpts and interchangeable hand sculpts allow for some great display options. The scouter on one of the heads cannot be removed like Vegeta’s can, and popping off the heads and hands is a very simple process and easy to do.


In addition, Nappa includes a fireball effect and a display base with stand that can hold the fireball in place. This is nicely done, and gives the effect of him using his energy to fire at opponents.

Overall, Nappa is an incredible figure with great likeness to his animated appearance, a superior figure sculpt, and lots of interchangeable parts.





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