Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Classics Evil Lyn Figure On Their eBay Storefront


Evil Lyn has appeared on Mattel’s eBay Storefront and is available right now for $25. Evil Lyn was released a year ago from October on Mattycollector, and this is the first time we’ve seen her listed on eBay. Mattel is offering the figure for less than $25, which you can make your own offer. If you never picked her up, or want a second one for the extra head, now is your chance.

Read our review of the figure HERE.

Battleground Evil-Lyn Bio

Real Name: Evelyn Morgan Powers™

Cast aside by her secret husband after his transformation, Evil-Lyn® sent their infant son into the future and plotted to overthrow Skeletor® by releasing his enemies from their dimensional prisons. In a series of miscalculations, she helped free the Snake Men™, Hordak® and Gygor™ — increasing her adversaries threefold! After Randor and Miro returned from Despondos™, the Three Towers rose and Evil-Lyn® found herself again allied with Skeletor® during the Second Ultimate Battleground. At the end, defeated and stripped of her powers by the new Sorceress® of Grayskull™, Evil-Lyn® used the Cosmic Key™ and the Power of Central Tower to return to the future to find a new life with her long lost child — The Son of Skeletor