Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions All Stars 2 Poll Begins Monday

The Four Horsemen sent along an update announcing their their Mythic Legions All Stars 2 Poll will begin on Monday, December 4th.

Mythic Legions fans have been asking us to re-release some of the favorite characters from past waves and your chance is almost here to help us decide which characters will be going up for pre-order next!

Beginning this Monday, December 4th – at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time, US – we’re going to launch a voting poll for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2! The link to the poll will be posted on Monday when the poll opens, and it’ll remain open for about a month or so. We’ll make an announcement a few days before the polls close announcing when it’s going to end.

You’ll have 45 Mythic Legions characters to choose from, and you’ll be able to pick only your top 8 favorites (only one round of voting allowed per IP). Out of all of the figures chosen, only the top six figures will make the cut – along with Eagalus 2.0 and Deltigar the Destroyer – to fill out the roster for the upcoming Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0 pre-order.

So, please help by spreading the word, and head on over to the message boards on to make your case for your favorite Mythic Legionscharacters!