Mattel Masters Of The Universe Classics Batros Figure Listed On Their eBay Store


Mattel has listed their  Masters Of The Universe Classics Batros figure on their eBay storefront for $16.99, down from $27. They are even offering free U.S. shipping on the figure, which is a great deal. Batros was originally offered in 2013, and there are only 8 left at the time of this posting. If you have not purchased this figure, do so now.

There are many more listings of older figures at discounted prices. So shop around their  eBay storefront,

This crafty crook from the dark side of Eternia® steals all the books, but it’s not his thirst for knowledge that motivates him… it’s his thirst for power! Wicked, winged and willing to scheme with Skeletor®, this Filmation series fiend comes with a mace. Batros™ Bio Real Name: Wiley Deep in the Dark Hemisphere resides a treacherous race of half-man half-bat pirates—none more sinister than Batros™, a shadowy mercenary-for-hire. Batros™ views alliances with contempt, but pairs up with Skeletor® when it gets him closer to his goal of seizing the Powers of Grayskull™ for himself. In one adventure, Batros™ conspired with the Overlord of Evil™ to filch all royal records and books from the Eternos Library. Although this shady plot ultimately met with failure, Batros™ remained a stealthy enemy of the Masters of the Universe® and all who fight for freedom on Eternia®. Batros™ is a dark mercenary trained in the art of thievery!