Prime 1 Studio Justice League The Flash Statue Pre-Orders


Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio are accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Justice League The Flash Statue. The statue stands at 33″ tall and will include interchangeable arms, including one holding a Batarang. The Flash will stand atop a themed base. There will be an exclusive edition which will include the amazonian Mother Box.

The Flash joins Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman. All four are available to pre-order at the hyperlinks.

The exclusive statue of Flash is priced at $999, and comes with a Amazons Mother Box, and is limited to 350 pieces. The regular edition is priced at $949, and is limited to 700 pieces. The Flash is scheduled to ship between April 2019 – June 2019.

“It’s really cool you guys seem ready to do battle and stuff, but I’ve never done battle. I’ve just pushed some people and run away!”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Flash from Justice League film. Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen is a young man who was struck by lightning, gaining the metahuman ability to move and vibrate his molecules at incredible superhuman speeds. Using these powers, he became the vigilante hero known as the Flash.

The Exclusive Flash Statue features:

Size approximately 32.9 inches
Two (2) pairs of interchangeable arms normal hand
One (1) interchangeable arm holding Batman’s Batarang
One (1) Amazons Mother Box (in Exclusive version only)