Bif Bang Pow! Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Wood Enterprise Bridge Set Review

Bif Bang Pow! Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Wood Enterprise Bridge Set Review


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Bif Bang Pow! Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Wood Enterprise Bridge Set


This year, Bif Bang Pow! expanded their Pin Mates line with playsets and vehicles that are in scale with the wooden figures. One of the most iconic of these playsets includes Enterprise Bridge from The Original Series, and they have been offering a collection of Star Trek styled Pin Mates to go along with this set. In addition to showcasing off this playset, they sent along some additional sets that you can check out below. Each of the properties that Bif Bang Pow! introduces in this line is in scale to each other, and you can have a dimensional crossover for your displays if you choose, which would be similar to LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity video games.

Recently, Scott Neitlich joined the Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth team and is on the helm of these Wooden figures. Scott is best known for creating the Masters of the Universe Classics line, as well as every product sold on Mattycollector for Mattel from 2009-2016. This includes DC Infinite Earths, Justice League Unlimited, Ghostbusters Classics, Masters of the Universe Mini’s, ThunderCats Classics, Ghostbusters prop replica’s, Back To The Future, and more. In 2018, fans can expect some big plans for this line, that will be announced during New York ToyFair 2018.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! for providing their Enterprise Bridge and Pin Mates figures and sets for review. 

For reference purposes, here are the shopping links for everything featured in this review and photo gallery:

Star Trek: The Original Series Captain James T. Kirk Pin Mate Wooden Figure – $4.99

Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Wood Enterprise Bridge Set w/Kirk, Spock, Nurse Chapel-Entertainment Earth Excl. – $74.99

The Big Bang Theory / Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 7 – $34.99

The Twilight Zone Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 6 – $29.99

The Big Lebowski Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 7 – $34.99

KISS Destroyer The Demon Pin Mate Wooden Figure – $4.99

Availability: 2016



The Enterprise Bridge measures 12″ or a little over depending on which side you measure from, and is based on the 1960’s Star Trek: The Original Series. The bridge features all 1960’s sci-fi goodness, including computer screens and computer consoles on all ten walls as seen in the show. The computers are nicely detailed and look show-accurate, including the buttons on the consoles, walls, and beautiful artwork on the screen. The consoles and screens feature great deco that is placed over the wood rather than painted. The inside of the Bridge is painted in beige, light grey, red, blue and black, with the outer part featuring details such as squares painted on, wooden pieces glued to it, and the red doors to the turbo lift shows on the oppose site of the interior as well. The bridge comes as two separate pieces, with three of the walls detaching, and is easy to place back on. There is no lock or way to connect the bridge into one piece, and the small piece rests in the groove.

The center of the bridge includes four railings, a station for two officers, and a Captain’s chair. In the box, the Captain’s chair and middle console broke off, and had to be glued back on. As this is an playset that’s a foot long, it can hold many Pin Mates, including Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory crossover box set, and many more of your choosing. In our photo gallery, we showed images of The Big Bang Theory Pin Mates in the set, as Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth sent this along in place of additional Star Trek: TOS Pin Mates that were meant to go with the bridge.


Included with the bridge are three exclusive Pin Mates of Captain Kirk, Spock and Nurse Chapel.




The bridge playset, Big Bang Theory, The Twilight Zone, and The Big Lebowski are all exclusive to Entertainment Earth, and featured in the gallery below. The Twilight Zone set are in color, and is based on the classic characters from a variety of episodes, and includes 6 Pin Mates. The Big Lebowski set is based on the 1998 film, and includes 7 Pin Mates. Also featured in the review is a single packed Captain Kirk, and The Demon of the band KISS.

Overall, Pin Mates are fun toys and take wooden figures to the next step that fans might recall as Fisher-Price’s little people from back in the day.


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