DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Batcave Replacement Stickers Review


If you haven’t already heard, DC Collectibles is offering replacement stickers for their Batman: The Animated Series Batcave playset. This new sticker sheet features a new adhesive that allows the stickers to actually stick to the computer control panels. For those of you that purchased one already, read the full details HERE of how to inquire for a replacement.

This Batcave was also recently featured in our Top 10 Favorite Toys For 2017. It’s an impressive playset that is in scale with the line, and a piece that is truly worthy of adding to any toy collection.

Thank you to DC Collectibles for providing this replacement sticker sheet for review. 

Availability: November 2017


DC Collectibles previously included a sticker sheet that actually didn’t stick as planned to the computer console, and instead peeled off as soon as it was put on. That sheet was made of vinyl, and while the concept was good, the overall execution of placing those stickers on the computer console was a disaster for fans. This new sheet however has a sticky capability allowing the stickers to actually stick to the computer, and can also be removed easily and placed back onto the sheet. The sheet has several different options allowing you to decide which sticker to use on the computer, including the largest sticker right down to some of the smaller one’s.

As this is a replacement sticker sheet, it won’t be included in the box, and what you will get is the older non-stick sheet. Make sure to read the full details HERE of how to inquire for a replacement sticker sheet.

Before anyone asks, we don’t have the accessories showcased in this gallery because they were placed back in the box, and the box was put in the back of a storage unit that is packed, so obtaining these accessories now would have been a timely manner to empty it out. In all fairness, this was done before DC Collectibles announced a replacement sticker sheet, and we did not have the time earlier to review this playset. Besides, this is a look at the new sticker sheet, not necessarily a review of the batcave itself, which you most definitely should buy.

Overall, this is an incredible playset, and with the new and improved sticker sheet, every DC fan should own one of these.


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