Mattel eBay Store Discounts Masters Of The Universe Classics Horde Trooper Figure To $22.25


It’s incredible that such as highly desired army builder could be offered at a discount, considering that the 2-pack of him went so quickly on Mattycollector, and the single pack offered has stayed at the $25 price point since he was released. As of right now, Mattel is offering this figure for $22.25 on their eBay store, as opposed to $25, with free domestic shipping.

What is even more incredible is that they are offering a Make Offer option, meaning they are accepting bids at below $22.25, but it probably be about $2 savings or so (we didn’t try it as making a bid would mean potentially making a purchase). Start army building him now at these insanely low prices.

Evil Mechanical Enforcer of Hordak™You can’t run an evil empire without the muscle to back it up… build a powerful and mighty army with the Horde Trooper™! Includes electrostaff, dragon stick, crossbow and Horde shield.


We’ve also recently reported about the Unnamed One Figure. going for as low as $23 (with the make offer option, was $25), as opposed to over $40 on the secondary market as he was a subscription exclusive figure at one point.