McFarlane Toys Commando Spawn 7″ Figure Review


The year 2017 has been an amazing year for toys, including the return of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn back at the toy shelves in recent years. The return of Spawn brings a new comic series that is also currently on shelves, along with a new toy line that has already seen several figures of Spawn himself.

Commando Spawn joins 2016’s Spawn figure offering, and includes additional articulation that has been previously offered with other Color Tops figures. While McFarlane Toys are no longer using the Color Tops name, they are however continuing to add and improve articulation on their 7″ scale figures. Commando Spawn is offered as two versions, a regular one with his black, white and red deco, and a bronze chase variant.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for providing their Commando Spawn figure and Bronze variant for review. 

Availability: October 2017


Commando Spawn features improved articulation for the 7″ scale line, but still maintains a static pose sculpt that is shared on both versions. This pose allows him to hold the included rifles and pistols in a firing and/or aiming position, as seen in the comics. Both sculpts are beyond incredible, and features a variety of sculpted textures and detailed paint applications that are truly amazing. The sculpt includes a holster on the left hip, bullet holsters on the right hip, an ammo belt around his chest, a detailed belt with pouches, a skull as a belt buckle and grenades around the back. The head sculpt has a scarf that covers the mouth and looks to be picked up by wind in the back. The right forearm is covered in armor with spikes, as is the left wrist, and boots. The right boot is wider and larger than the left boot as it was designed this way, and the spikes are sculpted on differently on either one. The figure is given a stand for his right foot only, which is the larger one.

The articulation is limited due to the fact he’s sculpted as a static figure, rather than a fully articulated collectible as seen in other figures by other companies in this scale. However, the sculpted textures and attention to detail in this sculpt is beyond what you normally see for this scale, which is more frequently used on statues rather than figures. The articulation allows him to lower and raise his rifles and pistol, along with slightly move his legs and he is given a ball jointed neck.

The deco on the regular and bronze chase variants are extremely well done, and there is a black wash over both deco’s that brings out the details much clearer. Included with Commando Spawn is an assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol and a stand.

Overall, Commando Spawn is an excellent figure, and if you’re a fan of the character, a casual collector of highly detailed figures or statues, and love McFarlane Toys, then this is definitely for you.


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