3D Joes Presents Collecting The Art Of G.I. Joe Volume 5 – New Kickstarter Launches


Our friends at 3DJoes.com have launched the next Kickstarter campaign of their Collecting The Art of G.I. Joe Volume 5 (1990-1992) that collects all of the art from those years. We’ve previously shown off and reviewed Volumes 1-4, and now 3D Joes are offering Volume 5, with he option to reserve Volume 6 in this new Kickstarter.

The campaign is already funded at over $15,000 (needed $11,000) and rising, and with 19 days to go, they will likely increase this dramatically. Each book is priced at $35 USD, with the option to combine your pledge and order Volumes 1-4 as well. Fans can expect this to ship in March 2018, and Volume 6 is planned to ship in December 2018.

Full details can be found on Kickstarter.