McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead 10″ Deluxe Negan Figure Review


McFarlane Toys is offering two versions of their The Walking Dead 10″ Deluxe Negan Figure, with this one featured in this review, and a blood splattered edition that is shipping in April 2018. Negan is the latest offering in their 10″ figure scale, and joins Rick Grimes, Glee Rhee, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon. This line offers a dynamically posed statue compared to an articulated figure, with additional accessories that are swappable for additional display options. Negan is given a pose that resembles the television series, as he is swinging his bat, Lucille, and takes aim at either Glenn or Abraham.

Leader of the group known as The Saviors, Negan is one of the most merciless enemies to ever cross paths with Rick Grimes and the other survivors. With no remorse, Negan executes those who get in his way with his weapon of choice, Lucille. With the barrel end wrapped in barbed wire, Lucille is the iconic baseball bat that Negan wields to not only intimidate others, but eliminate them as well.

Figure stands 10″ tall and comes equipped with a in-scale Lucille bat. Negan is sculpted in his iconic outfit from Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Black circular base included.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for providing their The Walking Dead 10″ Deluxe Negan Figure for review. 

Availability: November 2017


Negan and the Saviors are the most formidable opponents that Rick Grimes and the other survivors have ever faced. This figure represents of the likeness of Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and was created using 3D scanning technology of the actor. As seen with other figures of this scale, Negan has minimal articulation, and is best described as a statue. This articulation he is given includes a swivel waist and swivel head.

Negan stands at almost 11″ tall with the bat, Lucille, in his hand, and is sculpted in his iconic leather jacket and and dark grey pants. The sculpt is better detailed compared to the 5″ and 7″ line that Negan has previously been offered in, as its a larger figure, the more details and better likeness can be created. The clothing includes a wash that brings out the details nicely, and the jacket, pants  and boots have sculpted textures. The jacket includes silver deco on the zippers and buttons, and the silver deco is also on the belt buckle and holes. There is also a brown belt attached to the belt on his pants, with a silver belt buckle. The boots also have silver belt buckles.

The pose represents Negan swinging Lucille as seen in the television series, which may be based on his opening scene when he beat Abraham and Glenn to death in front of Rick and the other Alexandrains. This pose also creates realistically detailed folds in the clothing, which is nicely done. The red scarf also has a texture to it, and a black paint wash. Lucille is painted in brown, with a wash over it and silver wires wrapped around the top part. The facial details have a great likeness to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with his black hair, and black and grey mustache and beard. The eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and eye brows look excellent, and better capture his likeness compared to the figures in smaller scales.

Included with Negan is a stand that includes a texture on the base, and two pegs for his feet. In addition, the figure comes unassembled in the packaging, and the right arm, Lucille, and base need to be assembled.

Overall, Negan is an excellent figure that fans of the series and character will love. This is also a great buy for the $34.99 price point, especially with all the details and superior deco. The pose is nicely done and captures the character very well.


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