Playmates Toys Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced Heat Blast, DiamondHead & CannonBolt Figures

Playmates Toys Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced Heat Blast, DiamondHead & CannonBolt Figures has new figure listings for Playmates Toys Ben 10 action figures, which includes Omni-enhanced versions of Heat Blast, DiamondHead and CannonBolt in the 5″ basic line. These appear to be in stores at the West Coast, and should be available in the East Coast in the comics weeks ahead. In addition, we found a listing for Vilgax.

Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced Heat Blast With Omni-Blast Jetpack Action Figure

Omni-Enhanced Heatblast equipped with a massive jetpack made out of rock and flame, Heatblast’s Omni-Enhanced wingspan gives him the ability to rocket through the sky on a jet stream of fire! This energized tech also creates an extra layer of Armor, giving Heatblast a ready-to-rumble look and added protection to match!


Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced DiamondHead With Omni-Sword Action Figure


Omni-Enhanced DiamondHead Massively strong crystal contructs plus powerful energy creates a massively strong Omni-Enhancement! Diamondhead’s Omni-Enhanced laser cannon focuses and amplifies his light energy upgrade into a beam of pure power! He also has the ability to manifest sharper blades and stronger bludgeons.


Ben 10 Omni-Enhanced CannonBolt Action Figure


Omni-Enhanced CannonBolt may be a smooth roller, but in his upgraded Omni-Enhanced form this ball shaped alien becomes a total wrecking ball! A set of energy-spikes along his back and head gives Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt an even tougher outer shell. Thicker than tank tread this enhancement makes it all the easier for him to flatten anything that gets in his way!


Ben 10 Vilgax With Battle Sword Action figure

Vilgax is Ben’s greatest adversary! An intergalactic plunderer, of the species Chimera Sui Generis, Vilgax left his home world in search of the ultimate weapon: the Omnitrix! As ruthless as he is intelligent Vilgax’s grand plans for Ben’s watch speak to his will to rul the cosmos! A masterful tactician, this alien overlord will do whatever it takes to claim his prize!

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