Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Vintage G.I. Joe Vehicles Auctions Launched


G.I. Joe may be on hiatus right now, but fans of the franchise can still find some good deals right now on older product. Today, Kokomo Toys have updated their eBay storefront with listings of vintage G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero vehicles from the glory days of the line.

These new listings includes some fan favorites, with low starting bids. These include the 1987 Mobile Command Center (shown above), 1985 Working Mauler M.B.T. Tank, 1985 Cobra Trouble Bubble Flight Pod, 1989 Cobra HISS Tank II, 1991 The Brawler Tank, 1983 Skystriker, 1985 Bridge Layer, 1093 DragonFly Assault Copter, 1984 Slugger Self-Propelled Cannon, 1984 Cobra Water Moccasin, 1982 Headquarters HQ, 1992 Parasite, 1993 Mudbuster, 1983 APC, 1982 FLAK, 1982 Mobat Mobilized Tank, 1985 Morray Hydrofoil, 1983 Conquest X-30, 1984 Cobra Rattler, 1985 Transportable Tactical Battle Platform, 1984 Killer Whale, and a figure parts lot with tons of accessories.

Auctions end next Sunday afternoon.