Hasbro Asks Our Readers For Defect Images Of Their Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters Figures


Last week, we received an anonymous report of a reader stating that one of the Stretch Armstrong And The Flex Fighters figures that she bought for her son had the paint peeling off. We’ve forwarded this tidbit of information to our Hasbro contacts, and they are asking for images of these figures with paint defects. At this time, we’re unclear if this is an isolated incident, or if other people are experiencing similar problems.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Stretch Armstrong figures that are based on the current Netflix animated series currently streaming, please email those pictures to [email protected] so we can pass it along to Hasbro. Please send clear and easy to view images so Hasbro can get to the bottom of any defects that are currently in production.

These figures are exclusive to Wal-Mart stores and are available now.

Note: The Stretch Armstrong product range is exclusive to Wal-Mart in North America (U.S. & Canada) and available at various retailers in Latin America (specific details by country can be provided).

Primer on the Flex Power system:

Flex Power is an innovative technology that really delivers the “action” in action figures! Each of the Flex Fighter figures has a fleeeexible body that can be stretched like a rubber band, storing energy that can be then be released to power different things (vehicles, disc launchers, rocket launchers, etc.).

The Flex Power Heroes are the core of the “Flex Power” line.  The three Flex Fighter figures are Jake “Stretch” Armstrong, Ricardo “Omni-Mass” Perez and Nathan “Wingspan” Park, each with stretchable bodies that power their equipment.  These three are available in the basic opening “Flex Power Heroes” assortment with a very unique flexible “TRY ME” package and select figures are available in the Flex Power vehicles, which include two motorcycle-type Flex Power vehicles and the Flex Power Mobile HQ.

In addition to the core Flex Power Heroes, most every other product in the Stretch Armstrong product line has stretchable and flexible elements to it, delivering authentic flextastic fun.

Product Details:

Stretch Armstrong Flex Power Heroes 

Each Flex Power Heroes figure has accessories and a signature action.  The three core Flex Power Heroes (Stretch Armstrong, Omni-Mass, and Wingspan) have flexible bodies that allow them to “power” their Flex Power gear, enabling them to streeetch, release, and launch discs and missiles.  Stretch Monster throws boulders, while Quick Charge and the ultra-mysterious and ninja-like Blind Strike each have flexible projectiles that launch from their unique accessories.  It’s flextastic fun!

Stretch Armstrong Stretch Power Vehicle Assortment 

Each Flex Power Vehicle comes with a unique vehicle powered by streeeetch action provided by the Flex Power hero.  Just strap the character in, pull back to activate, and release the power of flexibility.  Stretch Armstrong’s FLEXYCLE zooms across the floor, while Omni-Mass SMASHCYCLE can pound enemies into submission. It’s flextastic fun!

Stretch Armstrong Flex Power Mobile HQ

The Flex Power Mobile HQ comes with a Stretch Armstrong figure and a whole lot of flextastic action that can be activated in and around the vehicle.  By putting the figure into position, kids can streeetch and release to activate the boulder-launcher on the top of the vehicle, the removable disc launcher in the cockpit, or practice their targeting ability on the flip-down doors.