ZICA Toys Launches Sectaurs – Warriors Of Symbion Kickstarter Campaign


The Kickstarter campaign for ZICA Toys Sectaurs – Warriors Of Symbion figures is now live, and they are requesting $40,000 to fund this project. Since last year, ZICA Toys revealed several characters planned in the return of Sectaurs – Warriors Of Symbion toy line, which included Dragon and General Spidrax, which are available to order through Kickstarter for $20 each plus shipping.

The figures comes with a selection of interchangeable hand sculpts, blasters, and other weapons. ZICA Toys is currently at over $13,000, which is a good start to fully fund this project. Go support it now, and help these figures see production.

Sectaurs saw production back in the 1980’s, and fans can check out the vintage figures now on, and purchase any if need be.

After ten long months of reveals the Sectaurs Kickstarter is finally here!  Thanks to an unbelievable opportunity given to us by the series creators, ZICA Toys is bringing Sectaurs back to the world of action figures.  Instead of sticking with the larger scale of the original vintage line, we’re going with the smaller 1/18 scale (4″) that’s becoming more and more popular with modern action figure collectors.

The first two figures that will be offered in the line are Dargon and General Spidrax, the main hero and villain of the series.  Both come with updated versions of their original accessory pieces from the vintage line, plus four extra sets of interchangeable hands which offer a wider variety of display options.  The figures will be packaged on a 6″ x 9″ blister card with character specific artwork.