Bandai Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Standard Krillin Figure Review

Bandai Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Standard Krillin Figure Review


Bandai Tamashii Nations is offering their Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Standard Krillin figure that is inspired by the animated series. Krillin is also alongside Goku, and fans have the ability to purchase a deluxe set where both Goku and Krillin model kits are included in the same package. The price point will stay the same as if you would purchase these separately, but it does come with a clear stand set.

This review showcases Krillin, as this is a character that we haven’t had the pleasure of previously reviewing. Krillin has fought alongside Goku since the beginning of the series, and trained under Master Roshi. Krillin includes three portraits (neutral, surprised, and screaming), hands, two effects (Kikouha and the Destructo Disc), and the android detonator as seen in the Android Saga.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing the Bandai Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Z Figure-rise Standard Krillin Figure for review. 

Availability: 2017


When this model kit is constructed, Krillin stands at roughly 4 3/4″ tall and is based on his appearance as seen in the Dragon Ball Z animated series. The figure is light weight, and is hollow on the inside with all of the assembled pieces put together. Krillin is sculpted in his orange and blue outfit, with the orange making up most of the uniform, and the blue as an undershirt, wrist bands and belt. The belt is made up of two pieces, with a piece that is attached to his body and holds the shirt and pants in place, and the front piece hanging downward that can swivel. The boots are painted in black, with gold shoelace, and blue at the bottom of the boots. The shirt also has stickers that need to be applied to it, which is placed on the upper left hand side of the front, as well as the center of the back. The stickers need to be placed on a lumpy surface, and between the folds in the clothing it can be difficult to apply these stickers. They have to be pressed down over the folds and using your fingernail to press the sticker into the grooves of the folds.


Krillin includes three sets of interchangeable portraits (neutral, surprised, and screaming). Both of the surprised and screaming portraits require a tongue that is offered on the sticker sheet. These two portraits are also best used for the effects as well as fighting poses. His hand sculpts are offered as fisted, open and in a grabbing position for the android detonator that can shut down Android 18. This remote control is white, and not black as it’s pictured in the instructions, and has a sticker to be placed on it. The hand sculpt has a slot to fit the remote into, which helps hold it into place. When both of these hands are used, it looks as though Krillin is ready to press the button on the android detonator as seen in the Android Saga.


Also included with Krillin are two effects – Kikouha energy wave, and the Destructo Disc. The Kilouha energy wave is made up of four pieces that has to be assembled, and is held up on a stand that makes it look like Krillin is firing this energy. The Destructo Disc is one of his most powerful attacks, as he was seen using this technique throughout many battles. This is the technique he used against Frieza when he cut off his tail on Planet Namek. The disc measures 4 1/4″ and is held in his hand using a clip that attaches to his wrist and onto the disc.

Krillin comes fully articulated, but is also fragile as this is a model kit. This includes a ball jointed head, hinged neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, hinged knees, and swivel-hinged ankles.

Overall, Krillin is an excellent figure, with a great likeness to the series, and great accessories. Fans of the series will love this figure.


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