NYTF 2018 – Bluefin Booth Coverage – Dragonball Z, Power Rangers, Street Fighter & More

With New York ToyFair wrapping up today, we will be publishing our final reports throughout the day as now we have a little more time to do so. So for those of you waiting, make sure to come back and check periodically.

Tamashaii Nations products are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.com.

Bluefin has some new reveals this year from multiple licenses, which includes Dragonball Z, Power Rangers, Marvel, Pacific Rim and more.

Dragonball Z has Master Roshi, Buu, Frieza and more. A new Dragonball series is being launched, which starts off with Kid Goku and Bulma as both figures are also shown. Kid Goku is shipping momentarily and can be ordered at the links above.

Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising will see new releases this years as shown in the gallery.

Power Rangers is offering new figures in the S.H. Figuarts line, and shown is the green and red rangers with their Megazords. The facial likenesses look pretty good to the actors as they appeared in the original show. The helmets have an opening on the bottom that appears as if they can be placed over the heads, but it also looks like their hair gets in the way, esp. the green rangers (Tommy) ponytail. It’s unclear at the moment how the helmets will fit on their hands, or if something will change and the helmets will be swappable with the heads.

DC Comics fans will be excited to see an articulated Darkseid and Lobo figures are shown. Both figures are shown as unpainted prototypes. They will have articulation and possibly accessories. We’ll have more details on this as it’s available.

For Storm Collectibles, they showcased some new Street Fighter figures including Akuma, Alex and more. Mortal Kombat will see the long awaited release of Goro later this year, and this figure will not disappoint fans as he is massive, and is surely capable of dominating any toy shelf. Shao Kahn is also shown once more with his throne, as well as many other previously shown figures. Goro looks to be the only new reveal this year.

Storm Collectibles products can be ordered  on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.com.