Hiya Toys Aliens 3.75″ Scale Aliens Armored Personnel Carrier Release Date



Hiya Toys have announced an August 2018 release date of their highly anticipated Aliens 3.75″ Scale Aliens Armored Personnel Carrier that fans have been waiting for since this was first shown a few years ago. In addition to this update release date, Hiya Toys also announced that the Marines (Redding, Bella, Cruz) and 2 aliens (crusher, raven) will ship in June 2018.

Pre-Orders for the Hiya Aliens figures are available to order on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore and Amazon.com.

The APC vehicle is scaled to their 1:18 (4″) scale Colonial Marines Figures, and eight figures can be placed inside the vehicle. The APC will include a a canopy that opens to reveal the interior, adjustable seats for eight Marines, a sliding side door and more.

The Raven resembles an ordinary bipedal Xenomorph, but larger, almost entirely encased in a bullet-proof, chitin carapace, and only walks with its large hind legs – like a Queen. Its tail has a distinct ridge of spines at the base of its harpoon-like blade. Its head possesses a ridged carapace, much like a Soldier, with a line of spikes along the top of its cranium. The Raven’s face is scarred, exposing evidence of human features beneath the skin, including eye sockets, a nasal cavity and jaws and teeth that are significantly more human in appearance than on most other Xenomorphs; the teeth themselves are not silver and metallic as on most Xenomorph variants. This strain of Xenomorph also lacks the large canine teeth of Praetorians and Queens, making its teeth blunt and noticably more human-like – with two small tusk-like protrusions either side of its lower jaw. The Raven is very large, even for a Xenomorph, with a height comparable to that of a Praetorian or even a Queen.

The Crusher is typically black with a dark brown or gold tint to its body. They have been seen in various sizes, but are always considerably larger than common Soldier, standing around 10′ tall when on all fours. The Crusher’s head is topped with a thick, bony crest, larger even than on some Queens, that it lowers into a vertical position before charging its target like a bull. This crest is incredibly strong, hardy enough to repel most forms of gunfire (including even the M56 Smartgun), and when lowered into the charging position it effectively shields the Crusher’s more vulnerable body from frontal damage. The force that the Crusher can impart with its charging attack is tremendous, enough even to propel an M577 APC sideways some distance, or throw an individual Marine several meters through the air.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Bella Clarison Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Private Bella Clarison, enlisted in hometown of waterloo, Iowa was inducted into 2nd colonial support group and selected by space command for colonial marines front line detail out of O’Niell station,L-4 earth-lunar system. Waiting for second tour orders, she is a strong gunner with firepower, and handles extreme conditions well. This 1/18 scale figure of Bella features full articulation and a variety of accessories as well as a base for easy display.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Jennifer Redding Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Private Jennifer Redding was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was part of a search and rescue mission sent to Acheron (LV-426) aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier. She is one of the playable co-operative characters in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, and now you can collect her as a 1/18 scale figure! Fully articulated, Redding comes with a variety of accessories and a base for easy display.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1:18 Scale Jeremy Cruz Action Figure
A Previews Exclusive! Lieutenant Jeremy Cruz from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma earned top honors at officer candidates school. He qualified for advanced hostile environments training at camp hanneken, valles marineris, mars. Under orders of the I.C.C., dispatched to marine space force, sol in 2172. Strong Combat Leadership, high battle success ratio. Tempermental under pressure, but brings squad back alive. This 1/18 scale figure of Lt. Cruz features full articulation and comes with a variety of acessories and a stand for display.

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