McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Prisoner Daryl Dixon & Ezekiel 7″ Figures Review


McFarlane Toys continues their 7″ The Walking Dead figures with the latest release of Prisoner Daryl Dixon as he was seen being captured and forced to work for the Saviors, and King Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom. Both figures more articulation and are an upgrade compared to the more statue-like 7″ figures released early one, and this includes elbow and knee articulation allowing for even more poses.

After Negan executed Abraham and Glenn in front of the other survivors, he instructed the Saviors to take Daryl hostage. Taking Daryl as an insurance policy, Negan informed Rick that he would comply with Negan’s rules, or else his prisoner, Daryl, would suffer dire consequences.

A wise and theatrical personality, Ezekiel, often referred to as ‘King Ezekiel,” is the leader of the peaceful community known as The Kingdom. Flanked by his pet tiger Shiva at his side, Ezekiel has a reluctant truce with The Saviors, but makes sure to keep the security of his kingdom in tact.

Thank you to McFarlane Toys for providing these figures to us while visiting their booth at New York ToyFair 2018. For booth coverage, click HERE.

Availability: February 2018


Throughout the 5″, 7″ figures and additional offerings that McFarlane Toys has offered over the years, Daryl Dixon always included his iconic crossbow weapon of choice. This release gives fans the character in a different outfit and accessory that has not been offered before. Daryl Dixon is sculpted in his prison outfit while he was captured and forced to work for the Saviors, including being held in a closet without a widow and fed dog food on bread. The sweatshirt and sweatpants are painted in a light grey, and there is a black wash over it. The black wash over the pants also give it a texture that showcases the filth of the clothing. In addition, his skin is also covered in black wash to showcase dirt and filth, which is a great touch. Spray painted on his sweatshirt is an orange A on the back and front as seen in the series on AMC, and on his back there I dark grey piece sculpted over the sweatshirt.

As far as the mop, this is the first time that Daryl Dixon has been offered without his signature crossbow, and in Daryl’s hands, a mop could be a lethal weapon. The bristols on the end look wet as the mop is sculpted facing one direction, and if Daryl chooses, a wet mop could hurt someone’s face, and he could use the stick portion also to smack, poke or trip a Savior. With a character like Daryl, any object could become a lethal weapon if that person is capable enough. Also included with Daryl is a figure base.

Daryl has a great likeness to his show appearance, and this figure is given upgraded articulation compared to earlier releases. This includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and ball jointed ankles with limited range of motion.


King Ezekiel is long overdue as a figure based on his television appearance, as McFarlane Toys previously offered him as his comic appearance. Ezekiel is sculpted in his signature brown jacket, that has a texture and a light black wash over it. The front of the top part of the jacket is painted in beige and given texture. His button down shirt is painted in a light blue, with yellow stars, and is paints are in beige with a black wash over it. His necklace is also shown around his neck, which is painted in white, red and a silver piece of jewelry.

His head sculpt has a great likeness to his appearance on the show, and is given long black hair with a light grey wash over it, and a light blue feather in the back. Included with Ezekiel is his cane with a sword that is removable, and the top of the handle of the sword has a bird shaped head with wings. The cane is sculpted and painted to look like wood, The handle and bottom of the cain are painted in gold, with a black wash over it. Also included is a figure base and an extra right hand.

Ezekiel also has upgraded articulation, which includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, ball jointed wrists, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and swivel boots.

Overall, fans of The Walking Dead and collectors of this line will love the detail and quality offered in these figures, and McFarlane Toys does not disappoint with either. The likenesses, paint applications, and articulation is excellent, The accessories are well done with great detail and likeness on their own. These are a must have for any fan.


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