Kokomo Toys eBay Store – Mattel DC Universe Classics

Every DC fan knows of the glory days of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics figures, which offered many of their favorite characters sculpted by none other than the Four Horsemen themselves. This line, consisting of 20 waves, retailer exclusives, 2-packs, 5-packs and more, was first sold in 2008, and ended in 2012 with wave 20. The line continued on Mattycollector and was called DC Infinite Earths Signature Collection, and ended after a few years. Mattel recently continued this style of figures that are based on the comic books, and is offering a mixture of television and movie likenesses along with these at retail. Due to the popularity of this style, it’s a safe bet that Mattel will be offering this for years to come.

Kokomo Toys have listed many of these figures on their eBay storefront that were part of the initial run of the line from 2008-2012, which many fans consider these to be highly collectible figures. Dozens of new listings are available, and all these listings have a buy it now option with free domestic shipping. Take a look now and make sure if you need anything, order it right away as there is only one of each figure available.