Toys “R” Us To Close Stores In U.S., U.K. & Britain, Other Countries Could Be Next


If you’ve been following the recent events with Toys “R” Us this year, you will have heard that many Toys “R’ Us locations will be closing in the U.S. following disappointing Holiday sales from last year, which is supposed to be their primary season of business. Toys “R” Us also recently announced the closings of all locations in the U.K. and Britain this year, after all efforts to find a buyer have failed, and now thousands of jobs will be lost.

Toys “R” Us has confirmed this evening that will be closing all U.S. locations, which will happen soon. With Toys “R” Us closing, experts say that smaller toy companies will be impacted as this is the retailer that they use to try out new products as they have plenty of shelf space to do it, as opposed to other retailers that only have half a dozen aisles or less. This type of shelf space is imperative to small businesses, and once Toys “R” Us closes down, this will be lost forever.

Companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, NECA Toys, Mezco Toyz, Playmates Toys, and many other toy companies will loose crucial shelf space for year round sales, not to mention all of the customers that they may loose if they cannot find products in the stores. Experts also states that at least 15% off all toy sales will be lost forever if Toys “R” Us completely shuts down worldwide, which is looking like it’s happening as reported in the news.

As far as their website and online sales, we haven’t heard any reports if Toys “R” Us will be shutting that down as well, but even online shopping is becoming very competitive as nothing is certain anymore.

We will keep you informed as things progress.