Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V Akuma Nostalgia Costume Figure



Storm Collectibles released official details and images of their upcoming Street Fighter V Akuma Nostalgia Costume Figure. Akuma is based on the costume that is included  with the Nostalgia Costumes releases for Street Fighter V, which is also his classic appearance. Akuma has multiple interchangeable head sculpts, interchangeable hands, a Gohadoken effects piece (with stand), two Dohatsu Shoten effects pieces, prayer beads, and an interchangeable Gi with “Shin” kanji on it.

Akuma is priced at $65 and is scheduled to ship in the third quarter of 2018.

Pre-Orders are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and

Storm Collectibles presents our next release STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION AKUMA Nostalgia Costume / Gouki

Newly developed articulations for lower body and new-design for the upper chest. He can shrug off the gi top of his classic costume and go shirtless.

The figure set includes:

  • 3 x Interchanging Head Sculpts
  • 8 x Interchanging Palm
  • 1 x Gohadoken Effect
  • 2 x V-Trigger Effect – Dohatsu Shoten
  • 1 x Stand for Gohadoken
  • 1 x The Prayer Beads
  • Additional 神人 “Shin” kanji Gi