Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Sail Barge Playset Figure Shopping Guide


By now you should be aware that Hasbro is offering a 4 foot long Sail Barge Playset in The Vintage Collection, which will ship to backers in the U.S. and Canada around February 2019 assuming there are no delays in production or anything else. If you’re one of the lucky 8,810 people to back the Barge, then you should be looking at filling it with movie accurate figures and characters that appeared in Jabba’s Palace and the Sail Barge. Or if you’re more of a casual fan that like cool looking playsets, you can use whatever you want to fill it up, but we suggest using only Star Wars figures for this display.

We’ve compiled a list of what you will need to buy, along with shopping links to fill your Barge playset. Since the 1990’s, Kenner and Hasbro offered a great selection of characters that appeared in both Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, Sail Barge, and Skiff, and we did our best to make a list here to help you guys out. If there is a figure missing, please let us know!



Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids 3 3/4″ Box Set

This set includes Jabba’s bartender Astromech Droid, and is currently on clearance at Entertainment Earth for $25.99, was $79.99.


Gamorrean Guards


Weequay (Skiff Master)





Amanaman with Salacious Crumb



Bane Malar


Brock Starsher



Barada (Skiff Guard)



BG-J38 (offered as a Build-A-Droid)



Bib Fortuna



Boba Fett















Max Rebo Pairs Barquin D’An & Droopy McCool



Ephant Mon







Han Solo



Hermi Odle



Ishi Tib






Jabba The Hut Skiff Guards


Jabba’s Dancers


Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard



Luke Skywalker



Malakili – Rancor Keeper


Max Rebo Band – Box Set


Nikto Gunner


Nikto Guard



Pote Snitkin


Princess Leia – Slave



R2-D2 (Jabba’s Sail Barge)





Salacious Crumb



Tanus Spijek



Squid Head (1983 Vintage figure only ever offered)







Jabba’s Palace Court Denizens






Yakface (Included with the Sail Barge, but we do not suggest opening this extremely limited figure due to the collectibility and value of him. So check out the links below for other Yakface figures).



Yarna Gargan