Entertainment Earth: McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series Ezekiel & Shiva Statue


Just 1 left. That’s how many of these awesome statues are left at Entertainment Earth, and if you’ve been holding off on buying this, now is the time.

Entertainment Earth has it available for $329.99. Free domestic shipping is offered. If you collect these statues, also make sure to check out their Negan Resign Statue.

The statue stands at 13″ tall, 11″ wide statue features King Ezekial and his pet tiger Shiva as they take down a group of Walkers. The statue will be limited to 1,000 standard pieces as well as 50 artist proofs. Each statue will come with a certificate of authenticity, which will be hand-signed by Todd McFarlane. The statue uses magnetic pieces for easy assembly.

What can be said about the well respected and benevolent ruler of ‘The Kingdom’ simply does not do justice to how grand King Ezekiel was. His decrees were just, his character pristine. Alongside his faithful tiger Shiva, the King stood for life in such an abysmal world. He did not simply stand by and let the enemy and the dead take what belonged to his people, but was alongside them fighting tooth and claw for freedom. Majestically standing over 13 inches tall dispatching roving Walkers alongside Shiva. With acute attention to every detail from sword blade to whisker, the Ezekiel and Shiva statue was created, developed, and designed by Todd McFarlane and his award-winning McFarlane Toysdesign group, in conjunction with Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment.