Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series 6″ 4-LOM Figure Review

Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series 6″ 4-LOM Figure Review


Hasbro’s newly released 4-LOM figure in their 6″ The Black Series is currently being shipped to stores, and is apparently one of the hardest to find figures so far in 2018. Since the launch of Hasbro’s 4″ The Black Series, they have been offering a collection of Bounty Hunter characters that were featured in The Empire Strikes Back, and the latest release in this collection is none other than 4-LOM. Previously offered in the U.S. are Boba Fett and Bossk, with IG-88, Dengar and Zuckuss hopefully making their way soon. We expect to know more at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

We highly recommend that you reserve this figure online rather than attempting to obtain one in the store, as some of our valued sponsors and partners have this figure up for pre-order. This includes Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore and Amazon.com. We expect 4-LOM for the most part not to be what many fans refer to most of The Black Series figures as peg warmers, and we expect him to fly off the shelf as soon as he is stocked.

Availability: April/May 2018

4-LOM is offered along with the new Solo: A Star Wars Movie 6″ Black Series figures, and even though we’re not sure if he was featured in the young Han Solo film, it’s great to have a new The Empire Strikes Back character in that assortment. If you’ve been collecting the Bounty Hunters, you will know how great Bossk came out, Boba Fett being somewhat decent, and we have yet to get our hands on IG-88. 4-LOM is something of a masterpiece figure as far as sculpt, deco and design wise, and fans are sure to love this figure.



4-LOM has a similar design to C-3PO as being a protocol droid, but he doesn’t necessarily use the same parts as C-3PO, and is actually a bit of an update to that older sculpt with some new articulation not previously offered, as well as shared parts. These reused parts include legs, crotch, shoulder cuffs, and back of the torso, and includes a newly tooled head sculpt, front torso with the wires showing, arms and elbows with added articulation. The new elbow articulation has a limited range of motion, and it is tricky to get both hands to grab onto his blaster due to this.



The overall likeness is excellent, and these recent Black Series figures by Hasbro have been much better compared to years past. His head sculpt is something of a space insectoid and droid, which is an unusual design for a protocol droid as he looks more like an alien bug wearing armor than a droid. The head sculpt looks menacing, especially those glowing green bug eyes, and gold lines sculpted and painted over it. However, the only thing about this head sculpt is that the green eyes are somewhat difficult to be seen because they are made of green translucent plastic, unless light passes through the eyes, as there is no other way this can be seen. The only way this could have been fixed is to have a patch of green plastic on the back of his head, which would allow light to pass through and light up his eyes. Without this, it’s a missed opportunity for an incredible feature, as most fans won’t be able to enjoy these glowing eyes unless they find a way to shine a light on one side of his head.

The paint applications on 4-LOM are excellent, as the figure is cast in black, with rustic deco around the edges and details on the body, a dark grey head with some silver on the mouth pieces and on the lower abdomen where the wires are hanging. There is also a red symbol on the upper left side of his chest, which looks great.



4-LOM includes his rifle blaster in seen in the film, which measures almost 4 1/2″ long. As we mentioned above, it is somewhat difficult to place this in both hands due to the limited elbow articulation, which like the eyes, is a missed opportunity for additional display options and overall figure awesomeness.

Overall, 4-LOM is a great figure with an excellent film likeness. The overall sculpt and deco came out great, and fans are sure to enjoy this one. Make sure to pick him up.


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