Dragon Ball Super Series 4 – Blue Vegeta, Goku Black Rose & Zamasu Figures Review

Dragon Ball Super Series 4 – Blue Vegeta, Goku Black Rose & Zamasu Figures Review


Bandai’s run of DragonBall Super figures have been a great line for fans and collectors, which is based on the current series currently airing. Bandai announced additional waves in this series, which will include Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, Super Saiyan Cabba and Jirren for series 5. Series 6 will include Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken x10 Goku, Gohan and Golden Frieza. This series we are focusing on today is the latest offering from Bandai, which includes Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and the villains Goku Black Rose and Zamasu. Series 3 we don’t have in hand, so we’re unable to review the build-a-figure of Fusion Zamasu at this time, which is included in series 3 and 4.

Availability: May 2018

This wave includes Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Goku Black Rose, and Zamasu, and if you already have series 3, you will be able to complete the Fusion Zamasu build-a-figure. Since Blue Goku was offered in series 3, along with Trunks and Hit, fans now have Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan God form ready to fight Lord Beerus, Goku Black and Zamasu as seen in the series.



Blue Vegeta comes with a beefier figure sculpt as opposed to the previous 2 figure offerings from waves 1 and 2, which is also a brand new sculpt. His head sculpt looses some of the facial details that the previous figures had, and while the facial details are a bit more basic looking his metallic blue hair takes the focus away from that as does the metallic blue eye brows and pupils. The Saiyan armor and battle gear is also different, and is painted in a dark grey, with an off white armor, metallic gold, and a symbol on his chest painted and sculpted in black. The articulation is the same as the previous offerings, and he includes two sets of hand sculpts that are open handed and closed fisted.



Goku Black, or otherwise known as Zamasu inside Goku’s body from Trunk’s Future timeline comes with a beautiful figure sculpt, and his head sculpt has the metallic pink hair, eye brows and pupils. This is Goku’s Black second form as opposed to the black hair version, which he powers up and becomes a God-like being himself. The facial details are nicely done, and the figure also has a grin on his face, which is a nice touch. Some key details that this figure has is the green and gold ear ring on the left ear, the time ring on both of his right hand sculpts.

His outfit is cast in black, with a dark grey shirt over it, and the lower portion of the dark grey shirt is made of soft plastic, and a red belt over it. The boots are in a light grey, which goes nicely with the black. Included with Goku Black are two sets of hand sculpts (open handed and closed fisted), and a translucent purple sword that replaces one of the hands on his wrist.



Zamasu has the most detail out of the entire wave given the fact that his outfit is the most colorful, and not to mention his green skin tone. His head sculpt includes white hair, with white eye brows painted on, light purple eyes and black pupils, and facial details that include long pointed ears. On both ears, he has orange and gold earrings, which looks like it does in the show.

His outfit is nicely sculpted and painted, which includes a purple short, dark blue pants, white boots, a black harness with orange trim on the outside, and completely orange on the inside, and a light blue belt wrapped around his waist with a soft plastic part hanging down in front. The black and orange part of the clothing is made of soft plastic around the legs, and hard plastic on top.


Included with Zamasu are five hand sculpts (open handed, closed fisted, and karate chop), along with a translucent purple sword that has a darker shade than Goku Black’s.

Overall, this is an excellent line with great likenesses to the characters and great accessories. Fans of the show will certainly want to own this line-up.

You can find waves 1-6 now at the links below, including both in-stock and pre-order listings for you to reserve your figures now.


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Wave 5: Expected to ship July 2nd, 2018

Wave 6: Expected to ship August 6th, 2018



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