ToyHypeUSA To Attend G.I. JoeCon 2018 – The Final Show

This year, G.I. JoeCon will wrap up after more than two decades of bringing fans together. Originally, G.I. JoeCon was supposed to end in 2016, as Hasbro is looking at combining all of the shows (G.I. JoeCon and BotCon), and all of their properties into one annual show called HasCon, which took place for its first year in September 2017 in Rhode Island. You can check out the coverage of that show HERE, as well as some toy coverage.

HasCon will not take place in 2018, and will instead resume in 2019. As this is the last G.I. JoeCon, we expect some big announcements during the Hasbro panel that Derryl Depriest will (hopefully) be announcing on Saturday. We will have an exclusive video interview with Derryl on Friday late afternoon and will do our best to go over everything, including G.I. Joe, HasCon, and everything else we can think of with him. If you have questions of your very own, leave them in our comments below before Friday 2pm EST.

G.I. JoeCon will take place this week/weekend in Chattanooga, TN on June 21st-24th.

As far as the exclusives, we’ll know more about those on Thursday evening, and you can always check out as sellers will have listings probably before we have a chance to publish the news. Just remember to check the feedback on the seller before placing your bid/making a purchase.