Hasbro G.I. JoeCon 2018 Exclusives Revealed – Update


The exclusives to G.I. JoeCon will be officially revealed this evening by 5pm EST, at which point the club store will open for attendees with the golden ticket. Already, fans have been able to obtain some information on what this year will offer, which include the following:

  • Sonic Fighter Law – Carded
  • Sonic Fighter Tunnel Rat – Carded
  • Sonic Fighter Lamprey – Carded
  • Python Paraviper 2 pack
  • Python SAW Viper 3 pack
  • Slaughter’s Renegades 3 pack
  • Python Patrol Rock Viper 3 pack
  • Python Patrol Snake Armor
  • Laser Viper weapons 3 pack

Update – Images are now added!

Check out eBay.com as sellers are now offering some of these for sale. Just remember to check the feedback on the seller before placing your bid/making a purchase.

We’ve also been sharing some information on social media, including our FacebookTwitterInstagram and especially YouTube as we will be posting content on their that you might not see on the site.

This years free giveaway along with your Slaughters Marauders Box Set is a chest with four weapons – shovel, axe, and two rifles. We’ve stated how disappointing this is on social media and attendees of the show agree with us on this. Usually, the club offers a free vehicle or a figure to go with the box set as a thank you for attending. This years giveaways was more of a cheap way to go out and to squeeze attendees dry of their hard earned money while making some very disappointing cutbacks such as this.

Check out the images below: