Super7 Masters Of The Universe Classics SDCC 2018 Exclusive Laughing Prince Adam Figure

For the first time since San Diego Comic-Con 2010, Prince Adam is returning to the event as an exclusive to the show. Super7 is taking this opportunity to offer fans a Laughing version of the character, which includes an all new head sculpt inspired by the Filmation series, a new pink power sword, and a rainbow glitter packaging. Originally, Prince Adam was offered with Orko, and while no announcements have been made of Orko returning, or that articulated Cringer that so many fans have been asking for, anything is possible. We hope for further announcements on exclusives in the near future.

Here is the information from Super7:

Happy MOTU Monday! Super7 is feeling a little peculiar…

What’s going on?

Laughing Prince Adam figure! Exclusively at the Hordak’s Lair pop-up event during San Diego Comic Con!

Features include:
– New Laughing head sculpt inspired by the viral video
– new pink power sword
– rainbow glitter packaging

Wake up in the morning and step outside on July 18th-19th and stop by Hordak’s lair (located at 701 8th Avenue) to pick up this elusive figure! Here’s the video for reference: