Playmates Toys Cancels All Basic Voltron 5″ Figures

Playmates Toys Cancels All Basic Voltron 5″ Figures

Here’s a breaking development from Playmates Toys, as they have cancelled all basic 5″ Voltron figures that were planned for 2018 as previously announced during New York ToyFair. This news comes as a bit of shock to us as we were personally looking forward to adding both Pidge, Hunk and Princess Allura to our collection, as well as to run reviews of these figures.


In our New York ToyFair 2018 video interview, as shown above, we went over what was originally planned this year, which included the 5″ basic figures, Voltron lions and the combined form from both the 1984 series as well as the current one on Netflix.

The 5″ basic figure line will only ever see Keith, Lance and Shiro as they were offered last year, and fans looking to complete the paladins of Voltron will forever be disappointed. As you are probably aware by now, the only good news is that the new Hyperphase Voltron figure that was shown will see release as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year. This can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth and BigBadToyStore

We will update if this story develops and run a brand new article on the front page. We are hopeful to see more Voltron toys offered by Playmates Toys, as it’s a great show and definitely a toyline worth supporting.


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