Mattel – DC Batman Missions 6″ Batman & Robin Figures Listed On Amazon


Mattel’s newly released DC Batman Missions 6″ figures are listed on Amazon for $9.99 each. These figures were shown during New York ToyFair, and are for the most part something entirely new that Mattel’s designers cooked up. Several lines similar to this concept were released in the 1990’s.

This collection includes various versions of Batman, The Joker, Robin, and Harley Quinn. As of right now, there are two versions of SBatman, Robin and the Batmobile available on Amazon.


  • 6″ scale DC figure
  • 14 points of articulation
  • Perfect for battle posing and epic storytelling play
  • With 14 available figures, they are perfect for collecting, epic story play and display; each sold separately
  • Collect them all