3D Joes Presents Collecting The Art Of G.I. Joe Volume 5 & 6 Book Review have completed their quest to print the original packaging of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures and vehicles released from 1982-1994. Following several successful Kickstarter campaigns, they have now completed the entire run that Hasbro offered that is offered in six foil covered books. We’ve previously reviewed Volumes 1-4 last year, and now we’re wrapping up this review with Volumes 5 and 6 that was ordered through Kickstarter, and picked up during G.I. JoeCon.

Volume 5 covers 1990 through 1992, and Volume 6 focuses on 1993 and 1994. During this time, fans weren’t only offered a continuation of more great figures and vehicles that they’ve been collecting for years, but also new concepts were introduced including Eco Warriors, Ninja Force, Battle Corps, Mega Marines/Mega Monsters, Star Brigade, Action Force that was released in Europe and more. In 1994, G.I. Joe was rebranded into Sgt. Savage and then G.I. Joe Extreme in 1995, which was not part of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero run.`



A slipcase was also included when you ordered Volumes 5 and 6 through Kickstarter, and this case holds each of the six books offered in this line. This is also currently available as part of the collection and showcases some great G.I. Joe artwork and battle scenes.

Availability: June 2018



Collecting The Art Of G.I. Joe is the definitive collection of original G.I. Joe artwork used for the packaging in Hasbro’s G.I. Joe: A Real America Hero line-up from 1982-1994. These last two books finish off the remaining collection of A Real America Hero, and showcases both the American and European releases.

Between both Volumes 5 and 6, there are almost 160 pages showcasing the original artwork and cardbacks of both the figures and vehicles during 1990-1994. Volume 5 introduced some new themes to the brand, which included Sky Patron and Sonic Fighters, which like Tiger Force, Night Force, Python Patrol and Slighter’s Marauders, these figures were also existing sculpts and tooling, but also gave fans new concepts to collect. This also included new artwork showcasing the characters in these new outfits and also new logo’s were designed. In addition, there was also Eco Warriors that had the figure come with weapons that shoots water. Some memorable vehicles from this book include the Avalanche, Hammerhead, Locust (at JoeCon 2018, we learned that the Locust was named to sound like Low Cost). This was stated by David Kunitz at his panel at JoeCon, and he designed this vehicle among many others. Also worthy mentions are the Cobra Rage, G.I. Joe’s Mibile Strike Headquarters and Launch Pad, and Destro’s Dominator.



Volume 6 covers 1993 and 1994, which introduced Battle Corps, D.E.F (Drug Elimination Force, Evil Head Hunters and continued Eco Warriors line. Just like previous volumes, this one also showcases all of the original packaging and artwork of figures and vehicles released during this time, which included both new and old characters, and some of the characters released in 1992 were stripped down from their previously offered accessories and released as a more basic figure with no special offerings other than new deco. In 1994, the last year of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line, and that year saw many variants of Battle Corps figures. Some memorable vehicle mentions in this book include the Detonator, Ice Snake, Ghoststrike X-16, Mudbuster, Dino-Hunter Mission Playset, Armor-Bot, Blockbuster, Scorpion, and more.


Overall, these books are great resource materials with some valuable information on what was offered during this time, and the artwork and quality of the book is top notch.



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