Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions: Soul Spiller Figures


The Four Horsemen held the first annual live video feed calling it the G-Con or Apocalypticon (there will be a new name each year for this), which took place at their headquarters in New Jersey. During the live feed, they interviewed a number of industry professionals such as toy sculptors that they work closely with, and in-between that they revealed new Mythic Legions figures from this Soul Spiller line, the 9″ Ogres and more upcoming figures coming next year. While we too were invited to participate in this and be interviewed, we were unable to make the long journey this time around, and will be catching up with the Horsemen at next months Power-Con (August 25th-26th) in Los Angeles, CA.

Some of their reveals are available to pre-order now, including Cowarros, Malynna, Ragna Stormforger, Shadow Elf Ranger, Lord Veteris, Fury Clan Orc, Thallyn Frostbow, and the Ice Troll. These figures are scaled to 6″ tall, and work well with your Masters of the Universe Classics and DC figures that they also sculpt.

This Pre-Order will be available from July 27th at 6:00PM EST until September 12th at 3:00PM EST. They are expected to ship in Spring 2019. An All-In option is available for $315, singles for $35, and the Ice Troll for $100. If you purchased these in the first hour (6pm EST – 7pmEST), they would have thrown in a free gift as a thank you. That window has now passed.